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Sectoral Asset Management (Sectoral) is an investment advisor exclusively focused on the global healthcare sector. The company manages public and private equity healthcare strategies for investors around the world. The company has one of the world’s longest track records in managing biotech equities. Currently, Sectoral Asset Management offers four Healthcare strategies: Global Healthcare, Emerging Markets Healthcare, Small & Mid Cap Healthcare & Biotech.

Portfolio Strategies

Biotech Portfolio Strategy

The Biotech Strategy was created on January 31, 1994 and includes all institutional discretionary portfolios that have a mandate to take long positions in biotech equities. Accounts meeting this criterion must be under management for at least one full month to be included in the Biotech Strategy.

Healthcare Portfolio Strategy

The Healthcare Strategy was created on January 1, 2002 and includes all discretionary portfolios that have a mandate to take long positions in global healthcare equities. Accounts meeting this criterion must be under management for at least one full month to be included in the Healthcare Strategy. Currently, the strategy consists of 2 portfolios.

Emerging Markets Healthcare Strategy

The Emerging Markets Healthcare Strategy was created on June 1, 2011 and includes all discretionary portfolios that have a mandate to take long positions in emerging market healthcare equities.

Small & Mid-Cap Healthcare Strategy

The Small & Mid-Cap Healthcare Strategy was created on March 1, 2016 and includes all discretionary portfolios that have a mandate to take long positions in small and mid-cap healthcare equities. Accounts meeting this criterion must be under management for at least one full month to be included in the Small & Mid-Cap Healthcare Strategy.

Sub-Advisory Mandates

Sectoral Asset Management offers asset management services to institutional investors and mutual fund companies that wish to outsource the management of their healthcare portfolios.

Our clients include leading global pension plans, private banks and family offices. In addition, we have long-standing sub-advisory relationships for institutional investors in Europe and Asia.

Segregated Portfolios

Sectoral Asset Management offers individual portfolios for institutions and High Net Worth Individuals investing in Healthcare.

For segregated portfolios a minimum of USD 5 million is required.

Highly Focused and Grounded in Primary Research into Company Fundamentals

Investment process

At Sectoral, our investment process is highly focused and grounded in primary research into company fundamentals. Our portfolios are built from the bottom up, with in an approach that can be categorized as Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP).

Once an investment candidate has been identified, we perform detailed due diligence, which includes management contact and a comprehensive evaluation of the company's scientific, financial and organizational strengths and weaknesses. We then conduct various forecasting and scenario analyses, testing a range of assumptions and success factors critical to the company's success. Finally, we generate a realistic valuation range for the potential investment and assess the impact of the investment on the overall risk/return profile of the portfolio.

Given the healthcare industry's complexity, heterogeneity and rapid pace of development, Sectoral believes that specific risk is the most important risk component. Our investment process has been developed and refined to mitigate this risk.

The investment process consists of 5 steps:

Idea Generation

Although the investment process is a continuum, the trigger point of any single process is an idea. The original idea may have several possible sources such as Sectoral's Advisory Network, industry contacts, interactions with companies, scientific and lay literature, Wall Street research, screening, etc. Our investment universe incorporates approximately 1000 listed companies worldwide. Geographically, these companies are located in North America (ca. 58%), Europe (ca. 23%) and Asia & RoW (ca. 19%).

The screening criteria we use are more qualitative than quantitative. They include: access to senior management, company must operate in a growing therapeutic area, company must have a sound business model as well as a competitive edge.

ESG Policy

As a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Sectoral Asset Management believes that responsible investing plays a role in achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns. We aim to identify, monitor, and mitigate ESG risks and opportunities that are, or could become, material to the long-term performance of companies in our portfolios.

We are healthcare specialists and the companies we invest in are well positioned to promote good health and well-being through development of innovative therapies, technologies, and solutions. We recognize that the healthcare sector nonetheless faces material ESG risks. These are primarily related to product quality and safety, affordability and access to medicine, data privacy and protection, marketing practices, and the management of legal and regulatory environment.

We take an engaged ownership approach towards ESG issues and continue to refine our responsible investment policies. Our ESG policy applies to all public equity funds managed by Sectoral across all markets in which we invest. It is designed around:

  • Close management contact with investee companies.
  • Constructive dialogue with company executives with the goal of improving ESG practices and disclosure.
  • Companies must meet our minimum standards to be eligible for investment – we exclude worst offenders based on high ESG Controversy scores from Sustainalytics.
  • Active ownership through the exercise of our clients’ voting rights in accordance with our Proxy Voting Policy.

Through this approach we aim to improve ESG practices that are material to long-term sustainable value creation of companies in our portfolio holdings.


Principles for Responsible Investment – We are signatory to the PRI, the leading global network for investors committed to integrating ESG considerations into their investment decision-making.


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Sectoral Public Investment Professionals

Sectoral's investment philosophy is based on fundamental research in the healthcare sector. This means that our investment team must have multiple areas of expertise. Sectoral's investment professionals have managed healthcare/biotechnology portfolios for over nineteen years. Most members of our team are CFA charterholders or candidates and most have earned postgraduate degrees in both business and science.