Private equity


A differentiated approach to healthcare venture

Since 2008, the NEMO (New Emerging Medical Opportunities) family of late-stage venture capital funds has invested in innovative biotech and medtech companies across North America and Europe. We use funds and the operational expertise of our entire team to help our companies bring novel therapeutics and medical devices to patients around the world.


Investment strategy

Our investment strategy is guided by three strongly-held beliefs:

Diversification. We believe that the best investment opportunity should win the day. We look for and back the most innovative and high-potential companies across North America and Europe and in virtually all areas of biotechnology and medical device innovation.

Stage. We believe that clinical stage companies have the highest potential for risk-adjusted financial return and real-world patient impact. Direct demonstration of improved patient outcomes drives meaningful value creation for all stakeholders.

Speed. We believe that value creation and capital flows should move at the speed of modern science. Our investments aim to generate 3-5x returns in 2-4 years.


Led by the three fund partners, the NEMO team includes a diverse set of experienced healthcare investors, expert investment professionals, startup entrepreneurs and company builders, and successful industry veterans. All of our team members have advanced degrees in science, medicine, engineering, or business, and many hold CFA or CA designations.

Our team has sourced, built, bought, and sold healthcare companies at all stages of development, and we bring our rigorous investment discipline and operational experience to bear on every investment decision and portfolio company.